Nature Classrooms

Nature Learning workshop for teachers and educators at the Forests of Life festival

Nature Classrooms

Through this 2‑hour workshop, we will share and exchange different teaching-learning tools and approaches that can be adopted by teachers and educators to deepen their own, and their students’ connections with nature through learning and exploring.

The session will include interactive discussions, activities and exercises to evoke wonder, awe, discovery, fascination and a connection with nature around us.

Participants will be introduced to a nature-based social-emotional learning approach, which encourages us to connect with nature by understanding our social and emotional relationship with everything around us and how it affects our actions.

Who can register

Open to teachers interested in nature learning — they can be teaching any subject currently. Preferably primary and middle school teachers, though if high school teachers are interested, they are welcome too.

About Nature Classrooms

At Nature Classrooms, we aim to integrate contextually relevant elements of Nature Learning and Ecology with the existing EVS curriculum of primary schools across India. We primarily engage in capacity building for teachers and educators, and develop nature education teaching-learning resources that are age-appropriate, locally-culturally and contextually relevant. 

We conduct research projects that contribute towards making Nature Learning meaningful for teachers and learners. Nature Classrooms is an initiative under the Education and Public Engagement Programme at the Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF).

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You may contact Vidya, in case of any queries, at vidya.​ramesh@​apu.​edu.​in