Learning Curve: Bringing up children to become responsible adults

Explore the role of parenting in helping children become responsible adults, with Umashankar Periodi and Vani Periodi, in conversation with Maithily K.

LC webinar 1st March 2023 SM

How can we make our children thoughtful, empathetic and responsible? How much influence do parents wield? Allowing children to make their own decisions while nurturing them is a balancing act of great import which requires maturity and far-sightedness.

Umashankar Periodi and Vani Periodi will be in conversation with Maithily K.

The discussion will be in Kannada.

Read the article at https://​bit​.ly/​3​S​buqz0

Vani and Umashankar Periodi reminisce candidly about parenting and the unusual style they adopted in the article. Not following norms meant there was trial and error, but never the absence of deep reflection, which influenced their children in positive ways, building resilience, empathy and the ability to adjust to varying life situations.

About the speakers

Umashanker Periodi is Head, Karnataka State, Azim Premji Foundation.

Vani Periodi is an independent development practitioner. 

Maithily K is District Coordinator, Koppal District Institute, Azim Premji Foundation. 

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