Virtual Open House | Undergraduate programmes

Explore undergraduate programmes at Azim Premji University, interact with our faculty members, get to know more about our Bengaluru campus, the admissions process, and more

Virtual open house 1 and 2 Mar 2023

We invite you to the Virtual Open House which is going to be held on 1 and 2 Mar 2023 from 5:15 – 7 PM.

This session will walk you through the various undergraduate programmes offered at Azim Premji University. It is an opportunity to interact with our faculty members and the admissions team regarding the admissions process, student life on campus and more.

Who should attend this session?

The session is ideal for prospective students interested in joining the 2023 programmes. We also welcome teachers, educators, career counsellors.


  • 1 Mar 2023: 4‑year BSc Honours and 4‑year BSc BEd programmes
  • 2 Mar 2023: 4‑year BA Honours programmes

10 Questions on the 4‑year Undergraduate programme answered: 

  1. (0:08) How is the 4‑year programme better than a 3‑year one? 
  2. (1:42) Can I still pursue a 3‑year degree course? 
  3. (2:09) Will the 4‑year programme delay my job prospects? 
  4. (2:39) Will a 4‑year programme be beneficial for a postgraduate degree? 
  5. (3:34) Is the 4‑year programme primarily meant for academicians? 
  6. (4:16) I am a Science student interested in History. How does the 4‑year programme help? 
  7. (5:13) Why should I study at Azim Premji University? 
  8. (6:26) How is the infrastructure at Azim Premji University? 
  9. (7:49) What are the scholarships offered by Azim Premji University? 
  10. (8:31) What is the admission process for the undergraduate programme?