KathaVana 2023 | Online Children’s Literature Festival Week

Make toys out of waste, hear stories, sing, write poetry, and explore more!

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A 5‑day online children’s literature festival will be organised from 6 to 10 November 2023 for children in government schools in 12 districts of Karnataka, namely Bagalkot, Bengaluru, Ballari, Bidar, Kalaburgi, Koppal, Mandya, Raichur, Ramanagara, Vijayanagar, Vijayapura, and Yadgir.

Day 1: Shashidhar Adapa | 10:30 AM- 12 noon

Get creative along with Shashidhar Adapa as he makes toys with waste materials with you. The session will be moderated by Umashankar Periodi.

The session will be in Kannada.

Shashidhar Adapa

Shashidhar Adapa is a self-made man. He completed his schooling and college education from St. Aloysius College, Mangalore. He worked in many Civil Service Organisations helping them to mobilise people to fight for their rights.

Later, he developed a deep passion for theatre and films. He has won four art direction awards in Kannada films. He has received the Nataka Academy award and the Nandi award from Andhra Pradesh. 

He worked with Mani Ratnam and received an award for the art direction of Kadal, a Tamil movie. He has also been awarded the Rajyotsava Award by Karnataka Government. He was also awarded the Sanehalli award for lifetime achievement.

Glimpses from Day 1

Day 2: Padmavathamma B M | 10:30 AM- 12 noon

Listen attentively and interact actively as Padmavathamma B M tells you a story. The session will be moderated by Umashankar Periodi.

The session will be in Kannada.

Padmavathamma B M

Padmavathamma B M is a Resource Person at Azim Premji Foundation and works with government schools in Bengaluru. She has a Master’s degree in Kannada from Bangalore University and has been a practitioner in the field of education for over 15 years. She has taught Kannada at Poorna Learning Centre for five years and was a Resource Person at Eurokids for seven years. She believes a quality childhood education is the basis for the progress of a child.

Glimpses from Day 2

Day 3: Wishvaa Winyaas | 10:30 AM- 12 noon

How do cartoons as illustrations bring out different aspects of characters in children’s literature? Join Wishvaa Winyaas to find out. The session will be moderated by Umashankar Periodi.

The session will be in Kannada.

Wishvaa Winyaas

Wishvaa Winyaas is a practicing communication specialist and self-taught cartoonist and illustrator. With more than 30 years of experience in Information, Education, and Communication Management including Print, Audio, and Visual Media, he has worked in several Government and Non-Government projects as a Communication Specialist.

Wishvaa has also illustrated and designed several books and manuals related to children and child rights. Several of his cartoon strips for children were published in mainstream popular Kannada newspapers and magazines like Kannada Prabha, Mayura, Janavahini, Vijaya Karnataka, Udayavani, Karma Veera and Hasiruvasi.

He is the recipient of Dasara-2014 and Dasara-2016 ART Exhibition awards in the Applied Art (Professional) category. He has directed two documentary films on Water and Watershed Management. His other areas of interest are painting, Interactive Intimate Theatre (IIT), writing poetry and creating stories and activities for children and neo-literates.

Glimpses from Day 3

Day 4: Harshita Das | 10:30 AM- 12 noon

Let Harshita Das take you on a joyride of a story through a read-aloud session, moderated by Umashankar Periodi.

The session will be in Kannada.

Harshita Das

Harshita Das is currently pursuing a PhD in Language and Literacy from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Illinois, United States. 

She has been working in the field of Literacy and Language Education in the capacity of a teacher, teacher educator and researcher for a little over 10 years now. She is passionate about critical multimodal literacies, multilingual education, and migrant families and community literacy practices and the potential they carry in promoting equity and social justice.

Glimpses from Day 4

Day 5: Vibha B M | 10:30 AM- 12 noon

Sing and write poetry along with Vibha in today’s session, moderated by Umashankar Periodi.

The session will be in Kannada.

Vibha B M

Vibha B M is a passionate educator dedicated to fostering creativity and literacy skills in children. With a Bachelor’s degree in education and a Master’s degree in Literature, she has been seamlessly integrating her own vibrant and engaging rhymes into her teaching methodology. 

Her imaginative approach to incorporating rhymes as teaching tools has proven instrumental in simplifying complex concepts for young minds. Vibha’s innovative use of poetic elements not only aids in language development but also fosters love for learning in her students. Her commitment to cultivating a stimulating and nurturing learning environment has made her a beloved figure among her students and peers alike.

Glimpses from Day 5