At Right Angles: Low Floor, High Ceiling

Gently bring students into a classroom where the floor is low and the sky is the limit with a Low Floor, High Ceiling activity.

At Right Angles webinar 15 Nov 2023 LN

Malathy S and Sai Karthiga talk to Swati Sircar and Sneha Titus about the difficulties of running activities in the classroom and in the process, uncover a pedagogical strategy perfectly suited for differentiated teaching.

The discussion will be in English.

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About the speakers

Malathy is a teacher at D A V Boys Senior Secondary School Gopalapuram Chennai where she teaches mathematics and mental agility to students of classes 4 to 7. Malathy enjoys reading books, listening to music & singing – and is passionate about teaching mathematics.

Sai is a teacher at Lady Andal School where she teaches Mathematics to students of classes 7 and 8. Sai enjoys singing and creating Mandala art.