At Right Angles (AtRiA): And we twist…

Charu Gupta, author of (S)trip with a Twist (AtRiA, March 2023), in conversation with Sneha Titus about her experiences in the classroom with the Mobius Strip

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In how many ways can you twist a strip of paper? And how much math can you open up from the task? Listen to Charu Gupta talk about the pedagogical potential of this simple hands-on task and the importance of training student teachers to use such tasks in the mathematics classroom.

The Mobius strip has been an intriguing mathematical object since its discovery in the nineteenth century by August Ferdinand Mobius. Quite interestingly, it also appeared in the Draft National Education Policy 2019 to symbolise the perpetual, developing, and live nature of knowledge” — an ongoing pursuit of knowledge creation and dissemination. 

The Mobius Strip has been an object full of wonder and surprise that even magicians couldn’t resist, and they exploited its properties to play some mysterious tricks on their audience. The exploration described here also began with one such trick, conducted during a session with pre-service elementary teachers during the first year of their course.

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About the speaker:

Charu Gupta is currently pursuing a PhD in mathematics education from Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), New Delhi. She has taught courses related to the pedagogy of mathematics in the elementary teacher education programme at the University of Delhi. Her primary area of research interest is foregrounding equity-based issues in mathematics education. 

Charu may be contacted at charuguptajun30@​gmail.​com

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