M R Madhavan, Co-founder and President of PRS Legislative Research, on how Parliament has evolved, and why the effective working of Parliament is key to India’s progress.

Colloquium at 70 7 Oct 2022

Parliament has been at the heart of India’s successful experiment as a democracy for seven decades. In this talk, M R Madhavan will discuss how Parliament has evolved, why the effective working of Parliament is key to India’s progress (and perhaps, even to its unity and integrity as a nation). He will show how discussions in Parliament have helped shape important policies. He will also discuss some challenges that need to be addressed for Parliament to retain its effectiveness.

About the Speaker

M R Madhavan is co-founder and president of PRS Legislative Research. His work is focused on two related areas: strengthening the effectiveness of India’s Parliament and legislative assemblies by providing legislators with relevant research, and enabling greater citizen participation with the legislative process. 

Prior to PRS, Madhavan worked for a decade in financial markets research across equities, rates and currency markets at ICICI Securities in Mumbai and Bank of America in Mumbai and Singapore. 

He holds a BTech degree from IIT Madras, and MBA and PhD from IIM Calcutta, and has been honoured as a Distinguished Alumnus by both the institutes. He was selected as the Business Standard Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2019.