Measuring Earth’s size: Teaching students using Eratosthenes’ method

I wonder webinar 13 July 2022

The first near-accurate measurement of the earth’s size was made more than 2,000 years ago. Who made this measurement and how did they make it? 

What knowledge and tools did they use? Can you and your students use the same tools to measure the earth’s size for yourselves?

To explore the above questions, join our interactive discussion with Amol Anandrao Kate and Saurav Shome, as part of the i wonder webinar.

The discussion will be in English and Hindi.

Article: Measuring Earth’s Size

The first near-accurate measurement of the size of the earth was made by a Greek called Eratosthenes. While much of Eratosthenes’ work is lost to the ages, we know of the method he used to arrive at this measurement from the writings of the philosopher Cleomedes.

Read the article: https://​bit​.ly/​3​n​AioRh

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