The practice of teaching undergraduate mathematics

Poster The Practice of Teaching UG Mathematics

This is jointly hosted by Azim Premji University, St Joseph’s College, Bengaluru and the Mathematics Teachers’ Association (India) to create a supportive community of teachers.

The conference aims to bring together college mathematics teachers from various institutions to share and reflect on their teaching practices. 

The emphasis is on creating a supportive community of teachers to have conversations about obstacles students and teachers face in the teaching and learning process, and pedagogical and other methods that help overcome them.

The plenary talk titled Thoughts and ideas behind the framing of a new BSc syllabus in mathematics at the Bangalore University in 2014 – 2015” will be by Pradeep Siddheshwar (Christ University).

There will also be a panel discussion on the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020). The panel consists of John J Binze (St Joseph’s College), Latha V (Jyoti Nivas College), JV Ramana Raju (Jain University), R Ramanujam (Azim Premji University), and S Sudha (Mount Carmel College). 

The panellists will discuss various aspects of the NEP and its implementation in colleges in Bengaluru, such as the vision of higher education in the NEP, especially in the context of social and pedagogical issues, the NEP’s ideas on multidisciplinarity, and what they mean for mathematics programmes, the impacts of the implementation on departments and college/​departmental autonomy, the impact on admissions, and challenges faced by teachers and students.

Each participant will give a talk based on their classroom experiences and pedagogical experiments. These talks cover a range of themes such as approaches to teaching particular concepts, building a culture of doing mathematics, and the use of craft, games and technology in the classroom.

The conference also includes a peer-facilitated pedagogy workshop. Participants will bring teaching material they are currently working on (like a lecture, a class activity, an assignment, or a plan for a lab session), and will work on it in small groups, seeking feedback and suggestions from peers, and sharing their own suggestions with others in their group.