Undergraduate science research conference

This conference will showcase research in mathematics and the sciences by undergraduate students and students in the early years of their postgraduate degrees. The idea was born out of work conducted by faculty of science in using research as a pedagogical tool. 

Students from all over India and various colleges have applied. There will be more than a 100 conference participants, including external faculty. There are poster presentations, talks, workshops, and a discussion on research pedagogy at the undergraduate level. 

Our special feature encourages participants to step out of the usual modality of doing and presenting science’ and focusing instead on curiosity and questions on local problems or issues that participants have come across in their everyday lives. 

We would really like to inculcate the idea that science is (or should be) a continuous process that extends across all sections of a democratic society and not an (elite) institution. 

Email: <surc2019@​apu.​edu.​in>