Engagement with the Community

We believe in growing with the community.


The Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) at the University is engaged with nearby villages on various socio – development issues. Some activities/​projects around cleanliness, and ecological restoration of resources are as follows:

Activating eco clubs in public schools

With the help of Panchayat members, teachers, and University students, we have created functional eco-clubs in four nearby schools. The school children are regularly involved in cleaning the school campus, discussing hand washing and other important topics during the school assembly, plantation drives, etc.

We conducted an orientation session on this for 40+ government schoolteachers on campus so that they could activate clubs in the schools.

Restoration of lake

The University is conducting a project for the restoration of Buragunte Lake present in Anekal Taluk, Karnataka, by involving all stakeholders — including elected members. This will help the community use the lake water and maintain cleanliness in the area.

The University has conducted plantation drives around Buragunte Lake with members of the University, students, community youth, and elected members. The Panchayat, now, manages the plants.

The University has partnered with Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) for the restoration of village commons through community institutions. As part of this, orientation sessions for community resource persons of Billapura Panchayat, Sarjapura, Karnataka, on Clean Village, Green Village’ were conducted.

Solid waste management

Solid waste management is a crucial issue for most cities. The University is involved in some studies to trace the waste from production in households to its disposal in Billapura and Dommasandra Panchayats. 

This was done by the students with the help of various stakeholders from the community. The studies help the elected members to design better management of waste. The University is in the process of beginning a project in two nearby panchayats around solid waste management.

The study on safe water

The University has conducted a study on safe water delivery to households in the Mugalur Panchayat, Bengaluru, Karnataka along with elected Panchayat members.