Programme Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation

It is a skill based course that would take students through the processes of how to design, monitor and evaluate public health programs.

This course on Programme Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation addresses a core competency required of public health practice. This is because issues of public health importance including disease control, water and sanitation, nutrition, to name a few – are generally tackled in​‘programme mode’. 

Public health practitioners need to develop a grounded understanding of complex issues: public health priority setting, allocation of resources, programme design, programme implementation and programme monitoring and evaluation.

Beyond this, there is a need to be conversant with the tools and techniques required to use available evidence effectively to identify priorities and set realistic goals; build systems to generate robust data on progress towards those goals; and finally, design the most appropriate evaluation model to assess whether the programme design had the proper​‘fit’ with the identified priority, and whether it achieved the identified goals in a timely, effective, and efficient manner. 

Specifically, the course will cover: 

  1. The criticality of design and evaluation in implementation of a programme; 
  2. The manner in which conceptual frameworks of programmes and projects lay the foundation for their effective implementation.