Organic Synthesis

Understanding synthesis of organic molecules.

The principles of reactivity of carbon compounds, structure-property relationships and thermodynamic and kinetic principles studied in the foundation courses are applied here to synthesize organic molecules. Starting with the basic principles of organic synthesis and the use of protecting groups, students study the different methods used to make C‑C bonds. They study the use of chemoselectivity and protecting groups. They study stereoselective reactions, diastereoselectivity and the control of the geometry of double bonds. They study the use of pericyclic reactions, rearrangements, fragmentation and radical reactions.

Students will become well-versed in the use of retrosynthetic analysis. After studying the principles of NMR spectroscopy and spectrometric identification of organic compounds in the previous course, the preparation and structure elucidation of organic compounds will be studied in the context of a research lab type setting.