Empires and Imperialism

Explores the historical forces that led, in the 18th-19th centuries, to the creation of European imperial colonies all around the globe.

The course introduces students to the large-scale historical processes which culminated in the formation of colonies in various parts of the world with a comparative analysis of different forms of colonial practices from 17th to mid-20th century. The course takes a broader outlook on various colonial practices – like slave plantations in various parts of Latin America, settler colonialism in Americas and slave trade in and from Africa. It also looks at the imperialist policies and practices in shaping the middle east the way it emerged in the 19th and 20th centuries. The other purpose of the course is to have a descriptive account of the emerging networks of power both at centres’ and peripheries’ while simultaneously exploring the debates on industrial revolution, scientific revolution, expansion of capitalism and colonial state-formation. The course also tries to engage with the various theories and practices of anti-colonial/anti-imperialist resistance emerging from various sections of former colonies.