Rural India and its Transformations

This one week intensive course is for management trainees of development organisations to help them broaden their understanding of rural communities, lives and livelihoods.


Development organisations play a significant role in facilitating the rural-urban connect. We find a small but increasing number of young management graduates and other professionals entering the sector as management trainees in order to contribute through professional skills and to learn about rural realities. 

This one-week intensive course is for management trainees of development organisations and helps individuals broaden their sensitivity and understanding of rural communities, lives and livelihoods. We help you understand this through the ived experiences of people in rural India. 

We hope to help develop a sensitive, empathetic and collaborative attitude among our participants. We will help you grow familiar with the real dynamics of rural societies as well as the social and political structures of these societies. This will help build an informed, sensitive and thoughtful outlook on working with rural communities. 

The course also assists in making sense of different approaches used for social interventions by state and non-state actors.

  • You will learn that there are multiple lenses for understanding rural India.
  • You will understand broad patterns of changes and transformations occuring in contemporary rural India.
  • You will gain familiarity with state’s overarching policy interventions in rural India.
  • You will engage with various non-state emerging approaches for interventions, especially non-market approaches and their underlying values.

Course Faculty