Environmental Data Analytics using R

Environmental analytics using r programming

Environmental Analytics offers a rich tapestry of techniques for a deeper understanding and management of the complex natural environment. The studies on different facets and processes of the environment are increasingly data-rich with the great need of applying various advanced techniques to uncover and extract hidden meaningful pattern that could be of assistance in sustainable environmental management.

The course aims to provide basic understanding of statistics and machine learning approaches with extensive hands-on training to analyse environmental data using R programming language. 

The 5‑day certificate course will help participants to learn the essentials of environmental analytics. It will also give opportunity to learn about various applications of statistical approaches including machine learning algorithms in the field of environmental and climate science. With extensive hands-on training using R, participants will learn about different insights one can extract from the data. At the end, participants will have opportunity to present and discuss utility of environmental analytics in their own work.

The course is intended to be delivered through lecture and hands-on sessions. Lecture will assist in enhancing the knowledge of the basic and advanced statistics including machine learning, while hands-on tutorial will give exposure to how to use the R for analysing environmental data.

On successful completion of the course, participants will:

  • Get familiar with R programming language

  • Perform environmental data analysis using R

  • Apply various algorithms for extracting information from environmental datasets

  • Visualise datasets and outputs in R

Participants from NGOs, academicians, early career researchers and PhD scholars working in the field of environmental science and allied sectors with basic knowledge of statistics

All interested participants need to fill the application form. All the participants are required to submit their specific interest in joining the certificate programme. This should be done using apply button at the beginning of this page.

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