Development and Social Change in India: Critical and Constructive Perspectives

A 16 day reflective course for development organisations that helps you step back and re-imagine your work in enriching ways.


In the all-consuming involvement of development work, it is it difficult to make time for meaningful reflection of actions or situate work and actions and the communities within we work in broader theoretical frameworks and historical and social contexts. Framing the operational objectives of development interventions does emerge from conceptual frameworks of social change. 

This course aims to help you step back and re-imagine your work in ways that lead to a creative enrichment of ideas and actions. 

Why this course?

The story of development and social change in India has a complex history influenced by colonisation, the freedom movement, national planning and liberalisation. All of these historical moments permeated all spheres of society. The impact of each has been hugely different across class, caste, gender, and ethnic-religious groups. The search for a just, equitable and tolerant society now has socio-ecological challenges in addition to economic and social ones.

Organisations working in the various areas of development need to have a broad understanding of this story. This short course specially designed for the development organisations and provides a comprehensive overview of the history, present and future direction of this complex story.

  • All applicants are expected to represent an organisation at which they currently work. 
  • A minimum of two participants from each organisation must participate. 
  • The design of the course is aimed at mid to senior-level staff of the organizations having a minimum of seven years of experience.
  • All applicants must possess a working knowledge of English. 
  • Applicants will be shortlisted based on their applications and telephonic interviews.

The participants will be awarded a Certificate of Participation on completion of all the three modules of this course. You are required to write an assignment in between the modules.

Course Faculty