Bring your experiences from the field to our classrooms

We welcome practitioners with field experience to work as faculty at the University

At our University, our faculty members for our programmes are not restricted to people with academic backgrounds only. Many of us are from the domains of practice with many years of experience.

We do not mandate a PhD as a core requirement for our faculty. We equally value the learnings and insights of practitioners that comes from long years of work in the field. Those of us who are practitioners at the University teach courses and mentor students, are involved in research, writing and of course, continued practice on the ground. We believe it is this which makes our pedagogy rich and meaningful. 

Our programmes are geared towards preparing students to work with grassroots organisations in the field. This requires a clear and sound understanding of ground realities and an ability to imagine solutions for problems. We help create these competencies. Our students benefit from learning from experienced professionals with deep expertise who bring practical realities and insights into the classroom. We also play a significant role in motivating and preparing young students in their aspirations and work. 

Practitioners who wish to join us often come with experience of mentoring young team members, but are often worried they cannot teach in a classroom environment. We make sure to provide the support to enable practitioners to transition into teaching with ease, with co-teaching modules with experienced faculty.

In addition to teaching, our faculty are engaged with research and writing, with several opportunities to develop research projects, individually and in collaboration. Practitioners who are interested in research and knowledge creation have the opportunity to develop research projects individually or in collaboration with other faculty members, and write for academic journals, reports on thematic areas, case studies or articles for mainstream or public-spirited media. Our faculty also continue to engage with the world of practice by providing inputs for new programmes, collaborative research projects, documentation and the writing of cases.

Join us!

We would be glad to hear from experienced practitioners interested in exploring faculty roles. We offer flexible arrangements such as full time employment, teaching a full course for a semester, and other shorter engagements.

If you join us with a background in practice, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Teach practice oriented courses that we have designed. 

  • Offer elective courses based on your experience and domains of interest. 

  • Mentor students in their field projects.

  • Offer short workshops for developing specific skills and competencies of students.

Explore practitioner roles.