About Research

At Azim Premji University, our research is focused on questions of India’s futures. 

We bring individuals from across the university and outside to work together in interdisciplinary teams. Our emphasis is on contributing to practice on the ground in India’s vast social sector, and high quality academic scholarship. We work in fields that serve to expand the frontiers of knowledge and guide and impact areas of development, education, public policy, governance, sustainability and equity. 

We believe that genuine social change is only born through a well-informed, sensitive and engaged citizenry. 

We believe that the way we understand the world can also change it.

Our research is allied to our mission to contribute to a just, equitable and humane society.

Our University Research Centre facilitates research by all members of the Azim Premji Foundation. We set up high quality internal processes that rigorously process proposals, approvals, ethics frameworks and dissemination.

Our specialised centres work on the most socially pressing and relevant concerns of India today. They are multidisciplinary undertakings and bring together theoretical and practical excellence. Our three centres at present address questions that relate to sustainable employment, local democracy & governance and climate change & sustainability.

We host and organise events and conferences with eminent scholars and social workers from across the country and abroad. Our colloquiums, public talks and conferences create opportunities for the open exchange of ideas and we make our extensive archive available to the public.

Field studies in education

We collate our research from our frontline work on the ground to help our stakeholders understand the real issues in education.