From a software developer to an education practitioner

Manish Pandey highlights how the Field exposure as part of the MA in Education programme helped him overcome the language barrier and initiate a dialogue with students

Field practice Manish MA Ed

Before joining the University, I was working in a software company and had several misconceptions about the education system, government teachers and others. From time to time, my misconceptions have been clarified with the help of Field exposure facilitated by Azim Premji University. 

I feel gratitude towards the University for providing me a vast field exposure along with theory practices in the classroom, to establish the link between our learning in the classroom and the Field.

During my third field practice while at the University, I went to a remote area in Barmer, Rajasthan. In my three-month field practice, I got an opportunity to observe and learn about many things including the Learning Resource Centre (LRC), Voluntary Teacher Forum (VTF), training workshops, Kiradu temple visit, and most importantly, the 20 lesson plan delivery in the school through teaching-learning activities.

Teaching experience at Barmer

On the first day when I entered the classroom with my lesson plan, I was expecting it would go according to my plan. I soon realised that it was the contrary. Initially, some students were not ready to accept me as their teacher. Due to the language barrier, I was not able to understand their mother tongue, which was also the language spoken by the learners. 

So, I initiated a dialogue with them through various ways such as play, storytelling, enquiring about them and their surroundings, and slowly coming to the lesson plan. I observed after the conversation they started their participation in the teaching-learning activity willingly. They cooperated with me well and I observed their sensitivity towards me and their responses amazed me.

I modified my lesson plan according to the students I was working with and the need of the chapter, following which I was able to deliver my whole lesson plan without facing any difficulty. After this experience, my approach to teaching activities and students has permanently changed and now I have a positive approach towards the government education system and the dedicated government teachers, students, and other members who are really working hard to make quality education accessible to all. 

I am glad that one of the teachers of the same school was so happy with my engagement with the students that subsequently, she also started making an effort to adopt effective teaching pedagogy useful for students. I would like to show my gratitude towards the faculty members, field faculty, field coordinator, and Foundation members for their hardwork and commitment. 

On my last day of teaching there, I received the following feedback from the students: 

About the Author

Manish Pandey is a student of MA in Education (2021 – 23) at Azim Premji University.

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