Rivers of Life | FAQs

The conundrum that is humanity’s relationship with nature often begs disbelief. Nowhere do we see this complicated thought in action than in our relationship with rivers. The bedrock of civilization and perhaps that of life itself, fresh water that flows on the surface of this planet is under an unprecedented threat. From us. We walk to a river to bathe in it, and very often drink from its flowing sparkle. Religious practices thrive along riverbanks. In some cultures, the newborn is blessed by the waters that flow through the land, often the dead spend their final journey on ancient waters to meet the sea, yet we continue to harm rivers.

Rivers of Life is an initiative by the Azim Premji University to bring forth stories of conservation, movements and people who have come together to conserve our remaining rivers, wild and tamed.

In an exercise spread over more than 70 river systems across the nation, young interns and NGO professionals came together to share documentation on the relentless onslaught against rivers. Rivers across geographies are in a state of stress, often reduced to a trickle and frequently transformed beyond recognition.

The interns have travelled to distant sources, reporting on the pristine nature of a river in its upper reaches and the almost shocking degradation as rivers flow downstream. From being drinkable in flowing streams to barely palatable within a few kilometres to turning fit only for bathing further downstream, before turning into drainages as they pass our growing cities. Yet they revel at the wonder of a river which sometimes springs a final surprise and recovers when allowed to rejuvenate across our country’s vast hinterland.

It is an attempt to bring together vast amounts of knowledge from all corners of the country into a common platform. Knowledge that includes photo-documentation, expert talks, river based fun activities, workshops and music and folklore integral to our cultural affinity with rivers.

Our exhibition will talk of action at all times. It will not only attempt to explain the origins of a river but also explain what causes them to flow or to run dry. It focuses on the inter-relatedness between humanity, nature, conservation and the present status of river stewardship.

You should come if you are curious about the one thing that sustains life on earth.

School students from standards 8th to 12th, college students at the under and postgraduate levels. Members of the public who are curious about rivers. Parents who wish to encourage their wards to learn with fun river-based activities. 

And you, if you want to hear stories of the rivers.

Yes, for the above-mentioned reasons. Do take a break and visit the campus. See the exhibition and take back ideas. And present your story. We have open forums to listen to your river story.

There is no registration fee. There is a general information form that can be filled till early October to show your interest. From 1st October, event specific registrations will be open for all. Once you confirm, your entrance details will be shared at the Azim Premji University gate.

Our wayfinding team has worked round the clock to ease your exploration within our campus. Just follow the river themed bright blue-colored waves. Look out for the small arrow that points ahead. It shows the way forward. Do note that we are also wheelchair friendly.

Please enter the campus, after parking your vehicle in the allotted space, through Gate 1. Your registration will be noted and you will be guided towards the exhibition. After 100 metres, take a left turn near B1. You will see a prominent installation depicting the exhibition logo. Follow the sign and walk beneath the logo to reach Seminar Hall 1, where we share the river’s story.

At the exit of SH1, follow the signs pointing towards B5. if you crave exciting activities, B5 is the place to be but be aware that several activities and workshops are designed for a certain age group only. Make sure to read our detailed schedule to identify school and college specific events. 

From B5, it is a short walk to the Welcome Centre where you experience the splendour of our rivers as told through numerous eyes. It is here that we will bid adieu after taking you on an exciting journey of our river basins.

We have a medical unit on campus and offer resources in case of medical emergencies and immediate services for common and minor ailments at our clinic. A doctor is available on campus at the University First-aid Centre during work hours. Guests can consult the doctor in case of any medical emergency. We would strongly encourage guests to alert our team in case they develop fever/​cold/​cough during their stay. Considering the safety of the students and staff on campus we request guests take utmost precautions and stay safe. A nurse is available at night on call at all our residences. The unit is located on the ground floor of the B5 block.

We are sorry but registration is necessary for entry to members of the public. This is to ensure that the standards of safety required for an educational campus are upheld.

The Mail room is your go-to room. It is opposite B1 and adjacent to Gate 2. Please report to the room and collect your article or register your query in case you have lost something recently.

Our canteen has a tuck shop and separate meals. The payment can be done both through cash and by scanning a QR code. (Please note: Airtel and Jio sim works fine for internet use while making payments. Although, we’ll suggest getting cash in denominations of 10, 50, 100.)

The exhibition will use English and Kannada as the primary language for discussions. Wherever possible, we are making an effort to create bilingual panels. Language interpretation for regional languages will support you along the way.

    • Keeping in mind the evolving pandemic situation guests will need to comply with all COVID appropriate behaviour (masking at all times, physical distancing whenever feasible, appropriate hand hygiene)

    • Guests are expected to follow government-mandated COVID protocols like a negative RT-PCR test when travelling from certain specified states. These protocols are likely to change and guests will need to comply with changing protocols.

    • The University reserves the right to demand COVID vaccination certificates / RT-PCR reports be made available if needed. The University may also request guests to be tested depending on the changing pandemic situation.

    • Guests who have not taken even a single dose of the COVID vaccine will not be permitted to stay in our residences.