Physics at home

What is this session about

Scientifically rigorous experiments at home

How could we do quantitative school science experiments at home with commonly available material?

Connect everyday phenomena to school Physics

Can we recognise and appreciate Physics phenomena at home? Can we pedagogize these, i.e. connect them to formal Physics?

What do we discuss in this session:

  1. Home experiments on refraction
  2. Measuring the purity and potability of tap water
  3. Factors to consider regarding the effectiveness of simulations

00:00 – Introduction
04:30 – Physics in your water glass
14:15 – Pfund’s method to measure refractive index at home
27:11 – Water purity at home with a Digital Multimeter
54:47 – Are you satisfied with simulations for teaching Physics?

Other resources:

Handouts for Physics at Home’

Slides for this talk