Philosophy of Education

Indian philosophical thought, and Education

in their presentations in the Philosophy of Education Conference held in 2014, Stephen Phillips, Sundar Sarukkai, Parimal Patil, Heeraman Tiwari and Srinivas Varkhedi expound on issues explored by Indian philosophical traditions and their relevance to education.

We are generally concerned about how learning happens and this concern comes about in various forms. This set of articles responds to some critical issues related to learning and its implications on teaching. 

Teaching like learning matters — Prakash Iyer
(first published in Teacher Plus, January 2018)

She should want to continue thinking and she should not be able to shrug this off. This discomfort is a necessary condition for learning since it propels students towards putting the required effort into learning.”

The Internet and free learning — Prakash Iyer
(first published in Teacher Plus in the May-June issue 2017)

We are already convinced we can find an answer on the Internet. In this state of subordination, the first few links that the search engine lists present themselves as containing the answer we want. We unthinkingly privilege these first few sites. Technology gains control over us in this manner.”