Srikrishna Ayyangar

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Populism in India (Political Science)
  • Implementation Science and Research (Public Policy)
  • Contemplative Teaching and Learning Practices (Pedagogy)
  • Set Theory and Qualitative Comparative Analysis (Method)


My teaching and research interests intersect Political Science and Public Policy. I use populism as a conceptual entry point to ask fundamental political questions about India’s relationship with its people and its democracy. I study implementation because I think knowledge of Public Policy needs to be informed by its practice which in India is usually conjunctural and specified by context. 

More recently, and because of some of my colleagues at the University, I have a better understanding of the affective dimensions of teaching. I find contemplative practices a fascinating approach to connecting our inner lives with our lived worlds. Finally, I find qualitative comparative analysis useful as a method because it helps me to simultaneously grapple with philosophical questions, methodological issues and apply data visualization to empirical puzzles in Political Science and Public Policy.

Over the past decade and more and before joining the University, I have taught undergraduate students at liberal arts colleges (Sewanee and Hartford) and postgraduate students at New York University. My doctoral work was at the Maxwell School at Syracuse and was preceded by a masters at Jawaharlal Nehru University. 


Mentored Student Projects

  • Rathan, S., Raj, R., Mathews, N., Salvi, A., Mukundan, M., Narayan, A., Siddhant, J., (2020) Financial Inclusion and Gender Bias: Evidence from Tamil Nadu”, National Data Innovation Centre, National Council of Applied Economic Research, Student Grantee Report Number 04
  • Masking, Movement and Mobility in COVID Bengaluru