Satyajeet Nambiar

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Flying Operations
  • Operations Management
  • Aviation Safety Management and Audit
  • Training
  • General Administration


Satyajeet is a part of the Admissions Outreach team at the University.

Satyajeet has spent over two decades as a military aviator in the Indian Air Force (IAF). He was commissioned in the Flying Navigation branch of the IAF and has operated the An-32 aircraft for almost a decade. 

His operational experience involves a variety of roles including Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) missions in different parts of the country. He has additionally served as mission commander, internal pilot, and system operator in the Unmanned Aerial Systems of the IAF for a decade. 

In addition to active flying roles, he was also involved in the induction and operationalisation of a newly acquired aircraft system, administration and training in an Air Wing National Cadet Corps Squadron, and as an aviation safety manager and auditor at an Air Force base in south India. 

He opted for voluntary retirement from the IAF in April 2020 to contribute to the social sector. He has completed MA in Public Policy and Governance from Azim Premji University.