Reshma Krishnan

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Innovative Methods of Teaching Mathematics
  • Creative and Efficient Assessment Techniques
  • Cognitive Development of a Child
  • Educational Technology
  • Professional Development of Teachers in India


Reshma has been a secondary school teacher, based in Bengaluru, with 16 years of experience across different curriculums like State Board (Karnataka), ICSE, CBSE and IB

Her current work is in the areas of reforms in education and the approach to assessment as learning.

Mathematics has been the medium for her to communicate with her students. She believes that assessment should be a part of the process of learning and not just a tool for evaluation. She loves to see the joy in the eyes of a child who understands a math concept and appreciates the beauty of the subject through the lesson. This has been her motivation throughout her career. 

The experience that children receive in a classroom plays a very important role in the learning process. Children fear Math teachers and the subject. Her efforts have always been to enrich this experience as much as possible and to remove or at least reduce the fear by simplifying the concepts, thus reducing the abstractedness of the subject. 

She tries to build an emotional connection with her students, and this has helped her a lot in her teaching. As a teacher, she has ensured that she always remains approachable to her students. She has loved all her students, irrespective of their competence in the subject she delivers. 

If every child develops meta-cognition skills, then the teachers can feel proud of their work, she believes. The children are then prepared for learning throughout their lives. They will grow as self-dependent, responsible citizens. She believes that teachers should be well-equipped to impart such an effective education to their students.