Rajesh Utsahi

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Teacher Education
  • Teachers’ and Children’s Magazine and Content Editing
  • Children’s Literature
  • Literature


Rajesh Utsahi is a part of the Translations Initiative team. Earlier he was Hindi editor of the Teachers of India portal. Has edited 14 issues of Khojen aur Jaane’ , a joint educational magazine of Azim Premji University, Bangalore and Vidya Bhawan Society, Udaipur. 

He has worked in the esteemed educational institution Eklavya’ (MP) for about 27 years. In Eklavya’, he has been editing the children’s science magazine Chakmak’ for about 17 years. Eklavya’s two other magazines are also associated with the shaikchhik Sandarbh’ and the science feature service Srote’. He has also contributed in developing the publication program of Eklavya. Apart from this, Rajesh has also been handled various important academic responsibilities in the institute.

He also edited the children’s magazine Gullak’ and educational magazine Palash’ of the Education Department of Madhya Pradesh. He has also been a resource person for Room to Read, NGO Nalanda and Education Department of Madhya Pradesh Government.

Rajesh also intervenes in the field of literature. He has published a collection of poems vah, jo shesh hai’. Five posters of poems for children and three short books of stories have been published. He is active on the internet as a blogger. He believes in scientific approach and critical thinking. In his words, The search for the meaning of life is still on.’