Prateeti Prasad

Areas of Interest & Expertise

Nutrition and Education, Food Philosophy, Global Food Politics and Sustainability


Prateeti is a member of the School of Public policy & Governance.

She is a trained chef. She began her culinary career in New York and refined her fine dining expertise at Dovetail NYC, a Michelin star restaurant. In 2013 she became a fellow with Teach for India (20132015) and was placed in a school in Pune, where she was class teacher to eighty second graders. She taught science and math to standard two and three. She was also lead of the school team, during which time she worked closely with school staff and management, built team culture within fellows, conducted school wide competitions and activities. She was a part of the city wide development committee and played an active role in fundraising.

She is working on a project that studies the links between nutrition and learning outcomes in young children.