Naveen M

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Heritage Documentation
  • Forest Life
  • Life in Agriculture


Naveen handles Student Helpdesk as part of the Programme Office.

He previously worked as an Academic and Administration Coordinator at Gopalan School of Architecture Planning, Bengaluru. He started his career as an Academic Coordinator at The Oxford School of Architecture, Bengaluru. 

Naveen has co-taught as allied faculty for subjects such as the History of Architecture, Sociology and Economics. He has 10 years of in-depth management and operations experience in academic coordination, administrative office, and as assistant professor.

Naveen has a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in History, Geography, and Sociology from Bangalore University. 

He has worked on documentation projects of heritage sites like Moole Shankareshvara temple, Turuvekere and Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple, Nandi, Karnataka and these have been published in the Council of Architecture magazine. 

He enjoys trekking, heritage documentation, badminton, and cycling.