Ayushi Dhawan

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • International Trade in Hazardous Waste
  • History of Greenpeace’s Environmental Activism in India
  • Scrap Recycling
  • History of Medicine in Pre-Modern India
  • Global History
  • Modern South Asia


Ayushi Dhawan is an Environmental Historian with particular interests in the movement of hazardous waste trade from the Global North to the Global South, scrap recycling, and environmental activism in India. 

She has completed her BA (Hons) and MA in History from the University of Delhi, followed by a Research Masters from the University of Leiden, the Netherlands and PhD in Environmental Humanities from Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany. 

Before joining Azim Premji University, she was pursuing her PhD and was part of a research group Hazardous Travels. Ghost Acres and the Global Waste Economy funded by the German Research Foundation. Her doctoral research is an innovative re-telling of the Alang shipbreaking yards in Gujarat, India and by adopting a perspective of the Global South it provides a more nuanced and complex account of the transnational project of shipbreaking that goes beyond reducing workers at the yards to passive victims of environmental injustice. 

She works at the intersection of Environmental History and Environmental Humanities and is currently working on her first monograph. She is also currently a part of an interdisciplinary German research network called Waste in Motion. This network funded by the German Research Foundation investigates the movements and mobility of waste in global settings. 

As an Environmental History Scholar committed to addressing present-day issues, she believes in disseminating her research through public scholarship to generate a broader societal impact beyond the confines of academic circles. 

She has contributed academic blogs and articles to various online platforms, including Seeing the Woods, Environmental History Now, Pipe Wrench Magazine, Vigia Magazine, and the Aerocene.

For her interdisciplinary research, she has received research funding from the German Research Foundation, LExS, Crayenborgh, and Encompass scholarship. Apart from research and teaching, she enjoys baking, volunteering at animal shelters, and playing board games. 


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For more information, please visit her acad​e​mia​.edu page at https://​lmu​-munich​.acad​e​mia​.edu/​A​y​u​s​h​i​D​hawan