Anshu Saluja

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Contemporary History and Politics
  • Community Histories
  • Intersections between Religion and Politics
  • Memory and Memorialisation
  • Oral Histories and Narratives
  • Space and Spatiality
  • Transition from the Colonial to the Postcolonial
  • Urban Studies
  • Women’s Involvement in Social and Political Movements


Anshu obtained her PhD from the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. Prior to that, she pursued MA and MPhil in Modern Indian History from the same university. 

Upon completing her PhD, she worked in the Department of Higher Education, Madhya Pradesh, where she was appointed as an Assistant Professor of History. During this stint, she taught in three colleges in the state. 

Her research maps competing trajectories of intercommunity engagement in South Asia, encompassing shared bonds and fraught divides. Drawing upon a combination of the written and the oral, the archival and the experiential, it further explores how different communities imagine, inhabit, navigate, and lay claims to the contemporary urban in South Asia.

She has presented her research findings at different conventions and conferences, published academic articles as well as contributed opinion pieces to popular English-language dailies.

Beyond academic pursuits, she enjoys reading, going for walks, and visiting the Himalayas.


Journal Articles

Chapter in Edited Book

  • Saluja, A. (2022). Conflicting modes of agency and activism: Conversations with Hindutva women. In A. Basu, & T. Sarkar (Eds.), Women, Gender and Religious Nationalism (pp.169 – 191). Cambridge University Press.

Newspaper Articles

Online Articles