Our Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has thrown the world into an unprecedented and massive health and humanitarian crisis. We do our bit to help respond to the pandemic. 

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Our response to the pandemic has been in terms of two dimensions: the crisis of healthcare and the humanitarian crisis.

This effort has been driven and anchored by members of our organisation, partners, government school teachers that we work with, and alumnus of our University. 

Backed by by Wipro’s technical expertise and reach in distribution, and with this network, we have been able to extend immediate support to 78 lakh people in 467 districts across 26 states and 3 union territories, in the form of food, dry rations and personal hygiene items.

We have committed over 2,02,300 PPE kits and N‑95 masks for frontline health workers, most of which have been delivered. We are also working on enhancing testing capacities. One of Wipro’s campuses in Pune has been repurposed to make a 450-bed intermediary care COVID-19 hospital

We helped support

  • 78 lakh people
  • 2,02,300 PPE kits and N-95 masks
  • 450 bed-ward in Pune