India Working in Numbers

A Public dashboard to present statistics on jobs, earnings, productivity, gender and caste gaps, state-level indicators and more.

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About this initiative

India Working in Numbers’ is a publicly available data dashboard on key employment indicators. The dashboard presents statistics on jobs, earnings, productivity, gender and caste gaps, state-level indicators and more, using information from a range of public datasets.

More about India Working in Numbers

Open access to data is preferable not merely on counts of equity but the potential it carries in terms of maximisation of social benefits. We believe that data is a public good. As part of this commitment towards the democratisation of information, we are developing a data toolkit that seeks to provide information on India’s labour markets in a form that is readily usable and accessible by all.

Working with secondary data as it currently exists in the public domain comes with its own set of challenges. Even with the Government deciding to provide survey data free of cost, single point access to many of these datasets from 2019 onwards, there continue to remain barriers with respect to the free use and dissemination of this information. Those outside institutional spaces have to rely upon published reports brought out by the Government to gather information. These reports, however, are limited in terms of the range and granularity of information that they are able to provide.

The primary motivation behind creating this dashboard is to bridge this gap and create a portal where crucial information on labour markets in India can be immediately accessed and put to socially productive use by a much larger audience including journalists, policy makers and social activists. The information on work in India has been laid out thematically covering various dimensions such as unemployment, earnings, social identities, quality of work etc, thus enabling one to explore deeper into the social problem one is investigating. This toolkit, furthermore is expected to serve as a useful pedagogical tool encouraging students and young researchers to explore questions surrounding the nature of work and employment in India with the help of an interactive visual aid.