How well do we know force and Newtonian mechanics, fundamental to elementary physics?

Most alternative conceptions about force arise mostly out of real-life experiences rather than individual errors or cognitive limitations. Saurav Shome and Amol Kate, in i wonder… webinar, explore ways of identifying and challenging these conceptions.

Saurav Shome and Amol Kate Alternative Conceptions of Force i wonder webinar 1

On the basis of the Aristotelian worldview, Newtonian mechanics is basic physics. The industrial revolution took place because of Newtonian mechanics. 

From space to microscopic things, a lot happens due to collision. So understanding the same is important.

While some related concepts appear at the primary level, they do not discuss Newtonian concepts at that level. For e.g., push and pull, pendulum, motion.

Even those familiar with Newton’s laws of motion and gravitation continue to hold several alternative conceptions about force. How do we identify and challenge these alternative conceptions?

Here, Saurav Shome and Amol Kate explore these questions.

The discussion is in English & Hindi.

Saurav has authored an article, Exploring Alternative Conceptions of Force, which can be found here.

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