The Author as a Diplomat – Two Wor(l)ds in One

Navtej Sarna on the fascinating duality of literature and diplomacy 

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In the entwined realms of literature and diplomacy lies a fascinating duality: the author as a diplomat. In this lecture, we traverse the nuanced landscapes where words become bridges, navigating the diplomatic intricacies and literary wonders. 

Join us to explore the harmonious convergence of two seemingly disparate worlds, where storytelling becomes diplomacy, and diplomacy becomes art.

About the Speaker

Navtej Sarnas most recent novel, Crimson Spring, won the KLF award for the Best Fiction Book of 2022 and was longlisted for the Dublin Literary Award. His earlier books include the novels The Exile and We Weren’t Lovers Like That; the short story collection Winter Evenings; works of non-fiction Second Thoughts, The Book of Nanak and Indians at Herod’s Gate; and the translations Savage Harvest and Zafarnama.

A professional diplomat for nearly four decades, Sarna was India’s Ambassador to the United States, High Commissioner to the UK and Ambassador to Israel. He has also served as Secretary to the Government of India and as the Foreign Office Spokesperson.