India’s Growth Path: Structural and Cyclical Factors

Neelkanth Mishra on the multifaceted landscape steering India’s growth trajectory

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In this lecture, Neelkanth Mishra delves into India’s growth trajectory, dissecting the interplay between structural and cyclical factors. Mishra offers insights into the nuanced dynamics shaping the nation’s economic evolution, navigating through both enduring structural elements and transient cyclical influences. Through this analysis, he sheds light on the multifaceted landscape steering India’s growth trajectory.

About the Speaker

Neelkanth Mishra is Chief Economist, Axis Bank. He is also the Head of Global Research and a Whole Time Director of Axis Capital. He has been consistently rated the best analyst in India in investor polls over the years. 

A highly respected expert and media columnist on global and Indian macroeconomic trends, he joined Axis in May 2023 after a long and distinguished two-decade career at Credit Suisse, where he was Co-Head of Asia Pacific Strategy and the India Strategist.

He is a part-time member of the Indian Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council as well as a part-time Chairman of UIDAI (Aadhaar). He has also advised government bodies like the India Semiconductor Mission and the 15th Finance Commission. He is a member of the CII’s Economic Affairs Council and a frequent presenter to corporate boards. He has also worked at HUL and Infosys. 

He is a gold medalist and Distinguished Alumnus Awardee from IIT-Kanpur and was ranked fourth in the entrance exam to the IITs.