Battle of Ice

An exhilarating showcase of talent and team spirit with a celebration of creativity, sportsmanship, camaraderie, and determination.

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The Battle of Ice transcends the boundaries of student residence floors and unites our student community in the spirit of friendly competition. Each team represents a unique blend of personalities, skills, and experiences. The campus will be abuzz with a sense of belonging and collaboration as students from different floors come together to showcase their prowess, sportsmanship, team work and leadership. 

Whether you’re a chess enthusiast, a dumb charades extraordinaire, or a dance dynamo, Battle of Ice has space for all. The diverse lineup ensures that every participant finds a space to shine regardless of their interests. It celebrates the varied and unique talents that make our student community vibrant and unique. 

The Battle of Ice is not merely a competition; it’s an experience that leaves a lasting impact — building memories, making new friends, and learning valuable life lessons through sports, games, art and creativity.

Meet the Challengers

  • No Mercy (Ground and Third Floor)
  • Titans (First Floor)
  • Daredevils (Second Floor)

Point structure for the tournament

1. Winning: 2 or 5 points 

  • The winning team earns 5 points. 
  • The runner-up team is awarded 2 points.

2. Inclusiveness: 1 Points

  • Diversity of participants (gender, batch, expertise of skill, etc.) 

3. Team Support: 2 Points

  • Positive team spirit
  • Encouragement from fellow floor members 

4. Fair Play: 2 Points

  • Collaboration and teamwork 
  • Adherence to rules and regulations
  • Respectful behaviour towards opponents and teammates