UnMukt 2023

From Ballet to Bharatnatyam, Rafi to Rihanna, Rock to Raga, we have it all at Unmukt 2023 with Retro to Right Now’ as this year’s theme.

Our annual fest, UnMukt 2023, is back. This year, UnMukt is all set with the Retro to Right Now” theme. The last weekend of February will be filled with amazing events, energetic DJ Nights, external artists’ performances, and of course spectacular open mics. And to top it all, good food!

You would not want to miss out on these events which bring the entire University community together.

UnMukt 2023: Retro fun-filled Now

We have always been mesmerised and eventually keep going back to the 80s and 90s for some pleasing piece of art, a movie dialogue that seems to linger in our mouth like a nostalgic taste and music that stays with us like an unforgotten memory, and some polka dot shirts and bell bottom pants we hardly want to get rid of. 

We are also loving the funky contemporary colours. And, why not? From ballet to bharatnatyam, Rafi to Rihanna, rock to raga, we have it all at UnMukt 2023. The theme at its heart invites cultural inclusivity and a dazzling display of arts and music beyond borders.

Pre-UnMukt Buzz

The Pre-UnMukt week is a promo for the upcoming big bash! The Pre-Unmukt 2023 events are between 17 – 23 Feb 2023. With an array of events from games to theatre, to flashmob, a packet full of excitement before UnMukt is charted for all.