Sports Writing

A workshop for a select 15 undergraduate students who want to find a way to write about their favourite sport.


Michael Wilbon says, The best sports stories are based not on interviews but on conversations — conversations with people who are sometimes reluctant, sometimes in the orneriest mood, often not the most glib or polished conversationalists.” 

In this workshop, select students will learn to think about sports writing to not only bring the drama of competition to the fore but will also learn to spotlight the athlete in a way that gives the story a human side. Remember this is what readers relate to the most — the human side. 

Who should attend

If you love sports and have enjoyed people who write about your favourite sport or sports personality, here’s your opportunity to learn to write like them.

Why attend the workshop

This workshop will help you think through:

  • who you are as a writer 
  • types of sports stories 
  • about athletes and teams
  • what kind of articles you can write
  • how to find sport stories
  • the tools of modern sports writing — blogs, podcasts, and such


The selection is based on a response to the following question to be written in 300 words and submitted no later than 11 October 2023:

Why do you want to write about sports?

The selection process is now complete.

About the Author

S Giridhar (Giri) joined our Foundation in early 2002 and is one of the earliest members of Azim Premji Foundation. When the Foundation established Azim Premji University, he became the first Registrar and Chief Operating Officer. 

He has for many years now, been writing regularly, drawing from his rich experiences
and observations on the ground. Giri’s most recent book Ordinary People, Extraordinary Teachers: The heroes of real India (Westland Books), is a book that is a tribute to heroic government school teachers.

Giridhar’s other passion is cricket and he has co-authored two acclaimed books on
the sport: Midwicket Tales: From Trumper to Tendulkar and From Mumbai to
Durban: India’s Greatest Tests
with his friend and colleague, Raghunath.