Learning Curve: Mental and Emotional Wellbeing as Aspects of Learning (Part 2)

Shivani Taneja and Savita Sohit will examine children’s participation and voices in stories as aspects of their mental and emotional wellbeing in the education space.

Learning Curve 5 July 2023

Discussions on the quality of education usually only touch upon pedagogy and academic content. But when children from diverse backgrounds come to school, it leads us to consider other features of a child’s personality and listen to their voices with attention.

This webinar is a follow-up to the earlier Learning Curve webinar based on the same article.

The discussion will be in Hindi.

Read the article at https://​bit​.ly/​3​W​pfXBz

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About the Speakers

Shivani Taneja, the founder of Muskaan, Bhopal, has been working with children with DNT backgrounds for 25 years. She sees a child’s empowerment through mental and emotional well-being as a core component of the educational journey.

Savita Sohit, also of Muskaan, has adopted multi-lingual pedagogy in her teaching methods in the primary classes. and supports older children in their struggle for dignity and social justice.

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