i wonder… | Using Art to Teach Ecology

Explore how art can make the process of teaching and learning about nature more enjoyable

How do we introduce children to environmental science not just as a collection of scientific facts, but as a way to enhance their sensitivity and appreciation for the natural world? What role can art play in this endeavor? What does art as an approach to engaging with critical ecological issues in our own neighbourhood require of us as teachers? 

Join us as we explore these and many more questions in an interactive discussion with Abhisheka Krishnagopal and Mala Kumar.

The discussion will be in English.

Read the article in English https://​bit​.ly/​3​N​pEXpQ and Kannada https://​bit​.ly/​4​4​klZHt

About the Speakers

Abhisheka Krishnagopal is an ecologist, visual artist, and nature educator, who works at the Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF), Bengaluru. She may be contacted at abhishekagopal@​gmail.​com

Mala Kumar is an author of children’s books, a former editor with Pratham Books, and a consulting editor for i wonder…

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