i wonder…: Teaching human reproduction

An avenue to not only discuss the biology of this process but also to encourage reflection on the needs and values associated with sex and reproduction, with Dhanya K and Vinay Suram

I wonder Webinar 8th March 2023

Students and teachers meet the chapter on Human Reproduction’ in the high school biology textbook with hesitation. How do we break this stigma? Is it possible to connect this chapter with realistic conversations? How do we do this in a manner that is open and helpful for students? 

Join us as we explore these and many more questions in an interactive discussion with Dhanya K and Vinay Suram.

The discussion will be in English.

Read the article: https://​bit​.ly/​3​I​TYsV0

About the author

Dhanya K was a high school biology teacher. Prior to teaching, she did a PhD in Neurogenetics. She is interested in making biology more approachable and fun to learn, and in supporting students to be active learners. 

She can be reached at dhanyak2@​gmail.​com

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