Campus Week 2023

Join the festivities and activities during Campus Week to meet new people and explore new interests

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It’s that time of the year again — when new friendships are built, and old ones reignited after a summer break. There are new faces on campus. Now is the time for festivities and activities. From theatre workshops to open mic to sports events, there is something for everyone! 

Some of the exciting events include

  • Club Mela: All clubs will present themselves. Do explore all the clubs on campus! Is there a club that you would like to join?
  • Film Festival: The Film Club is organising a week long film festival. Come share the magic of cinema with friends new and old!
  • Nature Walks: Our community has many nature enthusiasts. Join them as they introduce you to insects, birds, and trees. (Sign-ups needed)
  • Comedy Festival: The literature club is organising many events around the theme of comedy.
  • Sports Events: The many sports clubs are organising fun events through the week. Find a sport that interests you and go have a try!
  • Star Gazing: Step on to the terrace to watch the stars (Bengaluru skies permitting)
  • Fungi gazing: Have fun with fungi with the BioClub. 

Slide through the details for each day:

Join us to participate in these and many more interesting events!