A Milky Way to Learn Biology

Explore how practical applications of science provide a powerful lens to introduce students to the scientific method.

I wonder webinar 13 Sept 2023 LN

Many concepts in the elementary school science curriculum can be linked to the simple everyday practice of setting curd. How do we use this practice to help children learn these concepts by doing’ science? What aspects of the scientific method do children learn from this exercise? How do we use this exercise to give children a sense of what it means to be a science reporter and a scientist? 

Join us as we explore these and many other questions in an interactive session with Rohini Karandikar and Mala Kumar.

The discussion will be in English.

Read the article in English: A Milky Way to Learn Biology

Read the article in Kannada: https://​anu​vadasam​pa​da​.azim​premji​u​ni​ver​si​ty​.edu​.in/​2360/

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About the Speakers

Rohini Karandikar is a science educator with a PhD in biotechnology. Rohini writes in English and Marathi on popular science topics and on education.

Mala Kumar is a children’s book author and a consulting editor at i wonder…