Sustainable Polybenzoxazines: Upcoming Class Of Phenolic Polymers

Explore naturally occurring building blocks for developing bio-based polymers with Bimlesh Lochab, School of Natural Sciences, Shiv Nadar University.


Depleting fossil fuel reserves and increasing waste reservoirs are among the world’s most pressing problems. This calls for exploring naturally occurring building blocks for developing bio-based polymers. 

Polybenzoxazines is a new class of thermally curable thermosets being pitched as superior alternates of phenolics. In his work, Bimlesh and her team intend to exploit the options of synthesising partially bio-based polybenzoxazines following green chemical principles of atom economy, bio-renewable feedstock, solventless synthesis, and nontoxic waste generation.

In addition, the molecular flexibility of benzoxazine moiety has been utilised by studying the relation between higher functionality and properties. These polymers have shown improved thermal stability compared to their non-green counterparts and the ability to copolymerise with other industrial wastes/​resources, thus finding wide applicability from adhesive and antibacterial materials to cathodes for energy storage devices.

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