Superman ka Best friend | One-Act Play by Vikalp Kriya

The performance aims to create a space for both children and adults to deepen a conversation around development and reimagine a better world.

Pandemic times. Ban on going outdoors. Isolation. Guddu is playing on his balcony in a multistoried tower, flying paper planes. He strikes up a conversation with a friend’ across the balcony, only to discover a great chasm between them. 

Undeterred, they chat across the divide, unravelling different worlds of perception. Superman ka Best Friend is a play about children not being mute witnesses to the outside world even if they remain unheard. 

Get ready to attend another fun yet intriguing play that would definitely excite your thoughts and provoke you to think deeper about your beliefs and understanding. 

Superman ka Best Friend is a play that offers a place for both children and adults to expand the discourse around growth and envisage a better society.

One-Act Play (50-min)
Sobita Kudtarkar & Aditya Verma
Script and Direction:
Anju Uppal and Prabir Bose

Hope to see you all, enjoying the play. For more information on Vikalp Kriya, kindly click here.