i wonder Webinar: 11 Characteristics of Pseudoscience

What differentiates pseudoscientific claims from scientifically valid ones? How can teachers equip students with the ability to identify, interrogate, and counter pseudoscientific claims? 

I wonder webinar 12 Oct 2022

In deciding on how to act on new information or a solution to a problem, we often look to science for evidence to back the validity of these claims. Certain claims may seem credible because they mimic science in its emphasis on logic and evidence.

However, closer examination may reveal one or more characteristics that differentiate such pseudoscientific’ claims from scientifically valid ones. What are these characteristics? How do we, as teachers, equip students with the ability to use these characteristics to identify, interrogate, and counter such claims? 

To explore these questions, join our interactive discussion with Melanie Trecek-King & Vijeta Raghuram.

The discussion will be in English.

Talk based on the article: 11 Characteristics of Pseudoscience

Read the article: https://​bit​.ly/​3​f​G2dBb

If you know other teachers, educators, or parents who would be interested, please invite them to register too.