AtRiA Webinar: Learning is child’s play or vice-versa?

Swati Sircar, Faculty, Azim Premji University, will speak about how teachers can incorporate the use of Math Manipulatives like ganitmala, counters, arrow cards, spinners and geoboard in the classroom.

At Ri A webinar 21 Sept 2022

Since 2020, At Right Angles has included a review section on Math Manipulatives. The reviews so far have covered the ganitmala, counters, arrow cards, spinners, and geoboard and have made a persuasive case for the development of the math process skills of observation, representation, logical reasoning, mathematical communication and more in classrooms in which these are used mindfully. 

This webinar highlights these features and also answers a pertinent question — how do teachers incorporate their use in classrooms? The primary school textbooks developed by SCERT, Sikkim with technical support from Azim Premji University and UNESCO-MGIEP are a case in point. Here, the manipulatives were part of the textbook exercises.

Swati Sircar, Faculty, Azim Premji University, talks about Math Manipulatives and shares vignettes from their use in the revised primary school textbooks published by Sikkim SCERT

The discussion will be in English and Hindi.

Talk: Learning is child’s play or vice-versa?

Read the article in:

English: https://​bit​.ly/​3​U​fGYWT

Hindi: https://​bit​.ly/​3​x​qNtMt and 

Kannada: https://​bit​.ly/​3​d​cciVP

Know more about Azim Premji University’s work with SCERT Sikkim here.