The Social Sector in the Face of the Pandemic: Rethinking the Future

The social sector played a critical role during the pandemic by providing immediate humanitarian relief and healthcare support as well as by creating awareness about the disease. A team of faculty members from Azim Premji University carried out a study to understand the internal challenges faced by social sector organisations during the pandemic. The study highlights the impact of the pandemic on funding to the social sector, their programmes and their staff.

We invite you to the Report launch of Covid 19 crisis: Internal challenges faced by organisations in the social sector”.

This will be followed by a panel discussion on The social sector in the face of the pandemic: Planning for the future.’

The panellists for the discussion are:

· Mary Punnoose, Chief Functionary, Prajayatna

· Naveen Patidar, Director, Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India)

· Anand Bolimera, Director, Partnering Hope Into Action(PHIA) Foundation

The discussion will be moderated by Nazrul Haque, Faculty, Azim Premji University