My Life is My Message’: Updating and re-reading a momentous life

As part of the Gandhi 150 webinar series, the thirteenth the conversation is with V Geetha. 

We live in a world where there is great anger against hallowed figures from the past. Be it Gandhi or Lenin, Mao or Nehru, no one seems above critical reappraisal. 

In the Indian context, Gandhi has been subject to both continued adulation as well as insistent critique, more than any other national figure. In this context, V Geetha will revisit his legacy by re-reading his remarkable life. 

What might we make of his political and ethical choices today, of his creed of non-violence, his rejection of centralised power and state authority and his call to lead a life of contained need and reticence? Does his life still hold a message for us? How do we renew our understanding of the Mahatma?

The talk will be followed by a Question and Anwer session.

About the speaker

V Geetha is a Chennai-based author, historian, activist and researcher. She writes on caste, gender, civil rights and education. She is the Editorial Director of Tara Books. 

Her most important work is on Periyar, Ayodhidhasar and Mahatma Gandhi. Geetha is currently researching carrying Ambedkar’s work. She has edited the book Soul Force: Gandhi’s Writings on Peace and is an author of a book on Gandhi in Tamil.